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TRUE NORTH Career Strategy uses a step-by-step proprietary approach to help design an effective career strategy and search for each client:

At TRUE NORTH Career Strategy, I’m passionate about helping you find the right position and destination. What does that mean? Quite simply, a job where you feel good about what you do every day in a place where you fit.

I understand that each client’s situation is unique. Consequently, my process is personalized to meet each individual’s specific needs. I approach your situation professionally, yet with a strong attitude of compassion. I understand what it’s like to lose a job, feel stuck, or to be entrenched in a company culture that’s not a good match for you.

Unlike many career strategy and search firms, my position is beside you, the job seeker. Everything I do is from your vantage point. I have a specific focus on guiding you in finding job and career options with organizations where the culture and values are consistent with yours. I firmly believe that culture is a two-way street. The company needs to fit your needs as much as you need to fit the company.