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I’m Karen Cottengim; welcome to TRUE NORTH Career Strategy! I began my company with one purpose: to guide aspiring job seekers to an employer that meets their professional needs for culture, purpose, compensation and opportunity.

For more than 10 years, in both corporate and consultative roles, I’ve helped thousands of students and professionals identify, locate and land new, fulfilling positions. I specialize in understanding what truly matters to a client, and guide them through the steps of resume preparation, networking, interviewing, follow-up and negotiation.

I understand what it means to feel stuck, to be in a dead-end job or without direction. I’m hired not only by experienced professionals and students, but also by organizations seeking to help recently released associates in transition. My clients have landed at nearly every type of organization and industry, filling roles from entry level to executive.

I share my expertise with student and professional organizations by speaking regularly at career management classes, job clubs and universities. Additionally, I’ve authored several authoritative books covering step-by-step search strategies and tactics. They’re included in my program.

If you’re considering a professional change, or just want to get a feel for the market and your possibilities, reach me at 913-522-4396, Karen@truenorthcareerstrategy.com or click here.