Your First 100-Day Plan

Beginning a new job takes an adjustment. We will help you put together your First 100-Day Plan to ensure a great start to your new position.

How TRUE NORTH Career Strategy can help you!

We believe the most important aspects of a job search are culture and fit, and our sole focus is guiding you to the position and company where you'll be the happiest and most fulfilled. We assist you in finding those organizations where the culture aligns with your personal values, goals and character, and then help you differentiate yourself from other candidates by demonstrating your natural fit within the culture.

TRUE NORTH Career Strategy Life/Culture Map®

Our first step is to get to know you. We do this through our TRUE NORTH Career Strategy Life/Culture Map®. We ask you a series of questions that are designed to help determine your dreams, strengths, interests, values, accomplishments and even how you want to live your life. Armed with these insights, we collaborate on a profile of the type of culture, company and position that will best suit you. This guides your job search efforts.

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Just Graduated?

TRUE NORTH Career Strategy offers a suite of services to help you develop the skills to successfully transition from college to the
career you want.

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